A downloadable game for Windows

Destinata Black Edition is a short Demo version of the project.

You can play with Ladia, a young girl who suddenly is intercepted with strange feelings, thoughtful aparitions, and great memory loss. 

In this demo you will experience:
  • Hand drawn animations.
  • Pixel art with some HD quality.
  • Adjustable gameplay.
  • The first spicy bossfight.
  • Fast paced platforming.
  • Two magic abilities.

The game´s length varies around 20-30 minutes, It covers the 3 first acts.

Install instructions

To start playing :

Download Destinata.rar

select Destinata.exe



Destinata.rar 369 MB


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Ah, btw guys, the game is in a great possibility of being FREE or at least that’s my purpose, because my country’s economy falls downstairs every damn second, so if I don’t end living down a bridge, Uhhh, I don’t know, check my Twitter you could find the truth there, or maybe some spicy memes, who knows?